She drops Ana Cheri’s dressing gown, shows red pantyhose so that she does not lack love, everyone wants to give her

A couple of hours ago, Ana Cheri raised the temperature of her loyal fans thanks to the publication she published on her social networks, where she did not miss the opportunity to drop her dressing gown and show the pantyhose red so that he does not lack love, but apparently that is not going to happen, because all his fans want to give him.

Due to the December holidays, the famous American model took the opportunity to surprise her more than 12.6 million followers on her Instagram profile with a flirty photo shoot that did not go unnoticed by anyone, since she had no problem showing everything curvy in front of everyone.

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Through her personal account on the Instagram social network, Ana Cheri shared a short video where she collected several postcards that seem to come out of a Christmas calendar, in which she posed very flirtatiously in front of a pine tree while wearing a revealing red look that allowed look at her worked figure.

Flaunting each of her curves, the beautiful influencer Ana Cheri did her thing again at the drop the batita without a bit of shame, showing the red tights so that she does not lack love next year, although we are sure that it will not happen, well everyone wants to give his unconditional love.

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“Merry Christmas! May your day be merry and bright!” Was the message that the popular internet celebrity placed in the description of her publication, with which she soon caught the eye of her loyal fans, who sent her more of 101 thousand reactions of likes so far.

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