She experiences a strange attack while on vacation

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Sonya Kraus is currently on vacation in Thailand.Image: imago images/Hartenfelser


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Sonya Kraus is known for her positive attitude towards life. Even when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, the television presenter spoke openly about her hair loss and was optimistic about her recovery. Now she took the next incident in her life with a lot of humor.

Sonya Kraus: Strange incident on vacation in Thailand

The former model is currently in Thailand, where she is vacationing with her partner and two sons. There she lives in her dream house, as she called it herself, but it has now been broken into. However, Sonya Kraus could only laugh about the burglars in her Instagram story:

“We just had the burglars here, and very special ones on quiet paws.”

It wasn’t people who broke in, but “the gang of monkeys,” Kraus reported with a laugh. She then showed how the monkeys trashed her house and what they ate, including their wet wipes and vitamins. However, the magnesium that the monkeys had almost completely emptied was particularly tasty.

Monkeys broke into Sonya Kraus's house.

Monkeys broke into Sonya Kraus’s house. Image: screenshot/instagram/sonyakraus

In the living area you could also see how much the monkeys had raged. There were lots of shoes on the floor, the floor was dirty and there was open collagen powder in the kitchen. Kraus then joked that the monkeys probably didn’t like it because it was left lying around.

Emigration is an option for the moderator

Even the break-in of a gang of monkeys doesn’t seem to deter them from building a life in Thailand. So she wrote under a photo of the so-called dream house that she was “really pondering whether one should emigrate”. In the comments, they encouraged some of this desire.

For now, however, the stay in Thailand is just a vacation that she and her partner got each other for Christmas. The couple have been doing it this way for several years, Kraus reported.

How much the moderator enjoys the break is shown by the numerous impressions that she shared with her followers on Instagram. With “Just YAY!” For example, the 49-year-old commented euphorically on a photo that shows her in a tight bikini. The moderator’s wise conclusion about the positive effect of a holiday: “Travelling is the best way to spend money and still get richer at the same time”.

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