she has to go through the trash…

In addition to being a very famous singer, Vitaa is also a very present mother for these two boys. In addition, she is preparing to welcome a third child this year, just like her friend Amel Bent. One thing is certain and all mothers will agree: having children is wonderful, but it is also very tiring! We spend a lot of time putting away all our little ones’ things. Vitaa is no exception to the rule. The pretty mother threw a very important asset in the trash for one of her sons… She bit her fingers! We explain to you.

Vitaa: mum’s life is not easy!

At 39, Vitaa is a very fulfilled woman at all levels of her life. His career is at its peak. She is fulfilled in love with her husband Hicahm. In addition, she is a happy mother with two children and soon a third. Her first boy is named Liham and he was born on August 24, 2011. In 2014, she gave birth to her second son named Adam. In mid-December 2021, she declared the happy event on instagram : she is pregnant with the third! Will a little princess this time see the light of day for her 40th birthday?

Thus, we can imagine that Vitaa is also very busy in her life. This Tuesday, March 15, she reveals to her followers what she was forced to do for her children. She is really ready for anything, to say the least! The singer of Night confessions went to the trash as soon as she woke up. Instead of breakfast, she put her hands in the garbage to find her son’s object. Here is what she says: 7 am. I have to dig in the trash because I threw out the ant that was in a box for the SVT. Me too, no one ever tells me anything! I see dirt, I screw it all up! »

So, obviously, her son was angry with his mom and didn’t hesitate to let it be known. Vitaa has to rummage through the trash cans and on top of that she gets scolded by her boy. ” I get killed by my kids“, she writes. A great start to the day for the singer. But, the daily life for many mothers!

Vitaa is ready for anything for his boys

Alas, Vitaa did not find the box nor the ant inside… A solution had to be found. So she didn’t hesitate to go into the garden in search of a new ant. Basically, it could have been a good idea, but his son is not convinced: ” I found another one outside, but she’s not moving too much… He told me she’s dead”. Clearly, she is unlucky! In any case, if he brings home a bad grade in relation to this experience, we know who is mainly responsible. Vitaa won’t be able to defend herself! But let’s remember one thing: only those who do nothing don’t make mistakes.

A happy mother-to-be

In any case, no guilt to have. Perfection in parenthood does not exist. Indeed, between theory and practice, there is a world. So, Vitaa can be reassured: she is perfectly imperfect and that’s fine! Regarding her third pregnancy, everything seems to be going wonderfully. Here are the touching words she had on the Web to announce this happy event: “ I end with the best, the best for the end. I’ve been hiding something from you since that tour. I’m expecting a little baby and here I haven’t said it yet…. I am very very happy to announce it to you. […] I’ve been waiting for this for so long! (…) There were hard times because of that, those were the first months when I was a little tired“, she said in her video. Now, she can’t wait to discover the little face of her third child!