She is Montserrat, Lucero’s niece who is identical to the singer – New Woman

When you are on stage, bright Star captivates with the great talent on stage, beauty and professionalism that has been shown during more than four decades of career. However, away from the spotlight, the actress is not only dedicated to her work, but also he is a very familiar person.

Although he does not usually expose all the details of his private life, the star has proven throughout his life to be an excellent daughter, mother of a couple of talented young people and partner. However, few know that the singer is also a great aunt of two: Montserrat and Andoni Hogaza.

For some time now, the first has been attracting attention on social networks nothing more and nothing less than thanks to the tremendous physical resemblance that it has with the ‘Bride of America’ for which many fans of the singer consider her her true clone.

This is what Lucero’s niece looks like, who is her true clone

Although there is not much information available about the young woman because she has decided to keep her social networks under lock and key to avoid exposure, it is known that Montserrat she is the firstborn of the show business man Antonio Loafthe only brother of bright Star.

However, despite her determination to keep her private life away from public scrutiny, the world has been able to discover her thanks to the photographs in which he appears published by his father, same that have unleashed the stir because it is identical to his famous aunt.

From the eyes, through the hair to the smile, Andoni’s older sister seems to have inherited the most outstanding features of Lucero. This was evident in 2020, when her father posted a postcard next to her daughter on Instagram for Father’s Day.

These and other photographs of Montse have sparked a stir among users on the social network, who have opined that the young woman is too similar to the interpreter of Electricityeven more so than his own children, Lucerito and José Manuel Mijares.

Lucero’s clone!”, “She looks a lot like Lucero”, “She is very similar to the beautiful Lucero”, “She is identical to her aunt Lucero”, “That girl has the smile of her aunt” and “Montse has Lucero’s eyes…” are comments that have been recorded at the bottom of her photos on her father’s profile.