“She is not afraid of anything”

Marine Corviole


Passing through Paris to launch the national days of the Red Cross, Adriana Karembeu gave an interview to Paris Match. The opportunity to talk about Nina, her multi-talented granddaughter.

This summer, Adriana Karembeu and her husband Aram Ohanian will celebrate the 4th birthday of their daughter Nina. Already, the little brown head is showing a great character, as his famous mother was able to entrust to Paris Match. When putting on his polo shirt and finding his piggy bank for the National Red Cross Days, launched last weekend in Paris, the 50-year-old host and model agreed to give news of her beloved daughter.

“She is doing great. She changed my daughter, she’s a character. A journalist told me that she was going to be President of the Republic as she has character, says Adriana Karembeu. She’s not afraid of anything and I wish her well, because I wasn’t like that. It is a gift in life.” The Red Cross ambassador specifies that she spends her time telling her daughter not to break everything on her way. “She is beginning to respond to the rules, to respect them, to understand,” adds this gaga mum, who willingly shows a photo of her offspring with long brown hair.

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Since her parents divide their time between Monaco, where they live, and Morocco, where they run a hotel, little Nina is enrolled in two schools at the same time. In Marrakech, the little girl took Montessori classes in English, while continuing to go to nursery school in Monaco, where she learned the harp in particular. If Adriana Karembeu was first concerned about putting her daughter in an English-speaking school, she now sees that Nina is doing wonderfully. “She has been in this school for a month and she speaks in English with her nanny”, notes the one who presents “The extraordinary powers of the human body” on France 2. With a mother who speaks French, English, Slovak and Czech, she has from whom to hold.

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