she is not “phenomenon Raven”

Beyoncé has just announced that her world tour will go through the Stade de France on May 26, the same evening as Aya Nakamura’s show at the Accor Arena.

Queen A or Queen B? Since Beyoncé announced her Renaissance World Tour on Wednesday, French fans have been in a dilemma. And for good reason, the popstar will perform on May 26 at the Stade de France, the same evening as one of Aya Nakamura’s three concerts at the Accor Arena, announced in early January.

If the interpreter of pookie does not hide her disappointment at not being able to attend her idol’s show too, she assures us on Twitter that she was not informed in advance that the concerts coincided.

“This bitch thinks I’m a Raven phenomenon,” she replied to a user who criticized the choice of the singer’s team to have planned a concert at the same time as that of Beyoncé.

Aya Nakamura refers here to the American series, Raven Phenomenon, in which the main character, played by Raven-Symoné, frequently has visions that allow him to predict what will happen in the future. The singer thus implies that she could not have known that Beyoncé was planning to perform in Paris the same evening as her.

“We’re ALL going to see you after my concert”

Since Beyoncé’s announcement, many Internet users are already looking to exchange or resell their tickets for the Franco-Malian singer’s concert for the benefit of the American star.

But not enough to panic Aya Nakamura who said in mid-January when promoting her new album DNK- at the time when the presence of Beyoncé in May in Paris was only at the stage of rumors – to have found a technique to reconcile the two concerts.

“I tell myself it doesn’t matter, it’s like that. I finish my concert and I take a taxi to the Stade de France”, confided the singer to the microphone of BFMTV.

And to add on Twitter: “Beyoncé I hope your concert lasts 4 hours. We will ALL go see you after my concert I tell you.”