“She is the voice of Putin”: how his partner Alina Kabaeva helps him spread his ideas

First a figure of sport then of television, Alina Kabaeva is in the shadow of Putin, even if the Russian president uses her to convey his messages. This former athlete and alleged companion of the head of the Kremlin has enjoyed a prominent place in the state since 2005.

I do not know if Alina Kabaeva plays a real role in NMG »begins Roman Dobrokhotov, “ but she is the voice of Putin »he assures. In an article by Paris Match published on May 5, it is about the rise of this former athlete and alleged companion of Vladimir Poutine, within the Russian government. A strategic ascent? ” When we hear it on television, we doubt that she is an expert in the field observes Roman Dobrokhotov, an investigative journalist who has investigation on the family fortune of the Russian President. However, “ nothing in his system is no more important than control of the press and Propaganda »he continues in the columns of Paris Match.

The NMG is none other than the National Media Group, a very powerful watchdog in Russia. Alina Kabaeva was propelled there after having had to stop his career as a gymnast, after a positive drug test. Following his meeting with Vladimir Putin in 2004, and the start of their alleged relationship in 2006, She is ” become member of his party and thrown in the head of a large media group »reports Paris Match.

A sympathetic figure in Russia

This former European champion and of the world therefore rebounded almost instantly, and is now well established within the supervisory body Russian. A rather sympathetic figure of Russia, with his to smile benevolent and his grace dancer, Alina Kabaeva is followed by the people since their adolescence, as she began her career in rhythmic gymnastics. A ideal vector of communication to spread ideas of Vladimir Putin. For the 69-year-old politician, his partner of 38 years would have become one of his priorities since their meeting in the Kremlin.

According to Paris Match via The Insiderthe media of Roman Dobrokhotov, the one who received the grade 4 distinction in 2005 from the hands of the president, touches ten million dollars for his post at the head of the board of directors of the NMG… is much more than the general manager herself within the supervisory body. According to Roman Dobrokhotov, Alina Kabaeva seems so untouchable than his salary.

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Source- https://www.gala.fr/l_actu/news_de_stars/elle-est-la-voix-de-poutine-comment-sa-compagne-alina-kabaeva-laide-a-diffuser-ses-idees_493313