she joined the love of her life

Collapsed since the death in 2019 of her husband, Henri d’Orléans Comte de Paris, pretender to the Throne of France, Her Royal Highness Princess Micaela died at the age of 83. This is why the couple had to wait 35 years before being united before God…

For 3 years and the death of her beloved husband Henri, Count of Paris, Princess Micaela was only waiting for one thing: to join her dear and tender for eternity. On March 13, it is therefore almost with relief that Micaela breathed her last at the age of 83 in her Paris apartment located in the 8th arrondissement of the capital. It was Jean, the son of her late husband, who announced his death on his website: “Son Royal Highness Princess Micaela, whom my father married in second marriage, died this Sunday, March 13, 2022. I assure her son Alexis Francis Boeuf and his relatives of my sincere condolences.”, wrote the prince. A relief for the one who was only surviving since the death of her beloved.

Micaela and Henri d’Orléans, Count of Paris: senseless love at first sight and impossible love

Before meeting the Count of Paris, Micaela Cousiño y Quiñones de León had a full life. After working on the radio, in a press agency, and in publishing, she held, between 1978 and 1981, the position of communication manager for Raymond Barre’s budget minister.

Married for 5 years with Jean-Robert Bœuf, she had a son named Alexis who is now 57 years old. But it was on January 21, 1974 that her life changed when Micaela met her prince thanks to a mutual friend, the writer André Couteaux. Love at first sight is immediate and devastating. “I invited her to dinner the next day. Ultimately, we went dancing and woke up togetherthe next morning”explained the Comte de Paris to Point of view.

Crazy in Love, the Count of Paris Henri d’Orléans leaves his wife Marie-Thérèse de Württemberg and their 5 children. My studio was 28m2. We’re a little tight and that’s all”had confided Princess Micaela to Point of view also.

Corn their entourage sees this passion with a very bad eye and the father of Henri d’Orléans does everything to separate them. “He himself was at that time separated from my mother (Isabelle d’Orléans-Braganza), but did not understand that I simply dare to utter the word divorce. A mistress, why not. Make her a legitimate woman, never. Clearly, he ordered me to resume my married life with Princess Marie-Thérèse. It was bad to know me“explained the Count of Paris. “We were simply paying for having our love lived out in the open. Everything was tried to separate us“, confirmed the chosen one of his heart.

Against all odds, the two lovers marry civilly in BordeauxOctober 31, 1984. On the same day, the newlywed loses its dynastic rights, but that does not reach him. 25 years later, after invalidation of first marriage of the Count of Paris, they say yes on September 26, 2009, in the church St. John the Baptist of Uhabia, in Arcangues (Pyrénées-Atlantiques), a small town in the Basque Country.

The death of her husband Prince Henri of Orléans, an insurmountable shock for Micaela countess of Paris

10 years later only, Henri d’Orléans died in their apartment on rue de Miromesnil on January 21, 2019 at the age of 85 when he had to go to a mass in memory of King Louis XIV. “He had prepared for the mass commemorating the death of Louis XVI but he felt tired and called to let them know that he could not come. He lay down next to me. (…) When the nurse arrived for my treatment, I told her not to speak too loudly, the prince sleeps. She leaned towards him and undeceived me. ‘Mrs, he is dead“, explained the princess to Point of view.

His disappearance is a real blow for Princess Micaela who is hospitalized for a pulmonary embolism. “I had the feeling of having fallen, I no longer saw anything, I no longer understood anything“, she explained to Point of view.

Her last years will be painful without the man of her life. Everything here reminds me of Henri… It’s not good, but sometimes I still resent him for not having taken me with him. To not be there. I relied on him a lot. We woke up together every morning only to leave us when he received or went to rue de Lévis to do the shopping. We were kinda weird each other, but our quirks blended with each other and it was wonderful to be together“ she confided in 2019. Three years later, her wish never to leave her prince again was granted…