she kept the body 9 days at home!

It has been 14 years since the singer of the 80s, Gérard Blanc, died. His widow, Brigitte Skiavi-Blanc, who saw him die in her arms, gave a poignant testimony in Faustine Bollaert’s show, “It Begins Today”…

Perhaps you still have in mind one of the pieces of Gerard Blanc almost fifteen years after his death? The singer, who gave “sun at night“, is died on January 25, 2009 in the arms of his wife, actress Brigitte Skiavi-Blanc. A sad day that she obviously cannot forget and that she told, on the set of the show Faustine Bollaert, It starts today,

Gérard Blanc, dead on his wife’s shoulder

On that sinister day in winter 2009, Gérard Blanc was hospitalized at home while Brigitte Skiavi-Blanc, who was also his agent, stayed by his side to help him recover from the heart attack he had in Crete, in October 2008. At the time, the singer had serious consequences from this health problem which had left him in a coma for twelve days. “The day he left, we had just worked together on the sofa, watching a video montage“, remembered Brigitte Skiavi-Blanc. Suddenly, the interpreter of the song Another story feels bad : “He said to me, ‘I don’t feel very well’ and he died on my shoulder“. At 61, Gérard Blanc breathes his last.

Gérard Blanc: his widow “wanted to go with him”

After the death of Gérard Blanc, the firefighters arrive at the couple’s home. The widow, devastated by the death of her beloved, refuses to leave them the body of her husband. “We signed waivers and I kept him home for 9 days.“, she confided in front of Faustine Bollaert. Since that day, Brigitte Skiavi-Blanc has a constant pinch in the heart. “We promised to die together“, she regretted. The widow of the singer does not hesitate to admit it: she has “wanted to leave” with him.

Brigitte Skiavi-Blanc “bawls” Gérard Blanc (still today)!

But today, Brigitte Skiavi-Blanc is much less plagued by lack. If Gérard Blanc is no longer physically by his side, the singer’s widow is convinced that he accompanies her on a daily basis, with his presence. “I think it’s lucky, because my life almost looks like 14 years ago (…) It is not the material and physical man with whom we stay in contact, it is precisely the immaterial, assured the widow of Gérard Blanc to Faustine Bollaert. Persuaded to bewith him“, she “talk to him“. She “the yells“even sometimes! And if some the “think they’re crazy“, she doesn’t care!