“She looks haggard and emaciated”, they criticize Shakira after appearing without makeup with her children and reveal the worst

It is no secret to anyone that Shakira is living a very difficult time and so she said during her most recent interview where she revealed details of his separation from Piqué.

“This is the first time I have talked about this situation in an interview. I stayed silent and just tried to process it all. Yeah, it’s hard to talk about it, especially since I’m still going through it and because I’m in the public eye. And because our separation is not like a normal separation. So it has been difficult not only for me, but also for my children. Incredibly difficult.” Shakira said during an interview with Elle.

In addition, he highlighted that music has been her greatest refuge, and for her it has been a healer, and her greatest cure and impulse in these difficult times.

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“In those days, when I felt that I lacked the strength, as if I had no legs, those days I wrote songs, and I felt that I revived and came out stronger. It’s like a vitamin shot.” said.

After this interview the Colombian received more support than ever, and has shown that she is more beautiful and powerful, dazzling in each of the photos published in the magazine.

Nevertheless, This Thursday the famous one was captured in a game of her children, with a simple look and without makeup, and received a lot of criticism.

Criticism of Shakira for her children’s look without makeup reveals the worst of the networks

Shakira She has her two children Sasha and Milan as a priority and no matter how bad things are going on, she will always be there to support them.

That’s why, She went to a baseball game of her son Milan, accompanied by her other son Sasha, with a chic military look.

The famous She wore military print pants and a green T-shirt, and her hair was down, but without a drop of makeup.

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This generated attacks and criticism by many followers on networks, who reveal how bad society is when attacking her after what the singer has been through.

“Wow she looks very different than in the magazine”, “how her makeup changes”, “but how haggard and ugly she looks”, “OMG her face looks like a 60-year-old woman”, “wow without makeup Shakira is another, she looks see the dark circles and wrinkles”, “the poor thing looks so sad and dislocated”, and “Shaki, don’t go out without makeup”, were some of the cruel criticisms that can be seen on networks.

it is unusual that at this point a woman continues to be judged by her physique, especially with everything the singer is experiencing.

The worst is many of the criticisms come from women themselves, who instead of supporting each other, dedicate themselves to attacking other women, revealing the little empathy that exists and how bad society is.