She makes her vagina a work of art!

Madonna is the iconic singer! Always sulfurous, she had already shocked in the 80s/90s with her very bare and very provocative outfits. Her mix between Marylin Monroe and the pop culture of the time had made her an iconic star. Always at the forefront, never outdated, Madonna has been able to pursue her career by evolving musically, but also artistically. It is therefore not without astonishment that we see her embark on the NFT. That’s the current thing, an NFT allows anyone to buy a piece of digital art. The Internet has become a huge global art gallery. It is with a work in three parts entitled “Mother of Creation” that the singer appropriates in her own way the question of motherhood and the female body.

Madonna intends to donate the money to several associations

It’s the artist Beeple who “implemented” this Madonna 3D, in an astonishing triptych. We can indeed see the singer giving birth to a giant tree, a swarm of butterflies flying in the middle of a collapsing building, or even metal worms. For Madonna the work is post-apocalyptic and shows a collapsing world.


Beyond the shock effect of the 3D modeling of her vagina, there is a real message behind these works. Madonna says: ” I wanted to study the concept of creation, not only how a child enters the world through a woman’s vagina, but also how an artist gives birth to creativity.“. The funds received through the sale of this NFT will be donated to three associations related to women, including one helping Ukrainian women and children.