she reveals her terrible ordeal concerning her house in Dubai

Sarah Fraisou has been living in Dubai for several months. She even has decided to buy his own house. Yes, but that’s where the problems begin for her… We explain everything to you!

Sarah Fraisou is doing much better. The young woman has indeed recovered from her relationship with her ex-husband, Ahmed Thai. For long months, the young woman was going very badly since her divorce. According to her, all her problems came from him. Because in the past, he forced her to lose weight.

“You will understand the year that I really spent, shutting my mouth, protecting, being psychologically damaged thinking that I was the cause of the problem […] Yes, I lost weight because this person asked me to. I was going so far as to make myself vomit to reach the weight that this person gave me. Don’t worry, everything will be known. »swayed Sarah Fraisou on the Web.

One problem chases another…

And to speak directly to his ex Ahmed. “Me, my tongue is not going to stand. I tell you. No one knows what I went through. Before I thought I had come across narcissistic perverts and manipulators. But here, we have reached the pinnacle!”, she revealed in effect speaking of him.

“I will tell you details, my mother’s face, you will fall from above. I closed my mouth too much, I wanted too much to think of others and to protect. Who protected me? […] If this person takes the liberty of passing me off as the bad…Hold on big boy! », she warned him again.

Fortunately, Sarah has now moved on. She would also have found a new Dear. Rumors say that they are even expecting a child together. But we do not know more for the moment. In any case, the big problem currently in Sarah Fraison’s life is her house.

Because the starlet could not retrieve the keys to her new home. “I’m smiling, but 1 hour ago I was crying. I am at the end of my life. This morning I woke up, I was so happy, it was the delivery of the keys to the house. I come to recover the house and from there begins the journey! », she began by explaining.

Sarah Fraisou: “An hour ago I was crying. »

And to add: “There would be a buyer who would have come to buy a house, I would have said to him ‘buy it, I don’t want it anymore’. (…) So I made the transfer this morning, I gave them the swift to prove to them that the payment had been made. They still haven’t received it in their account, already first problem. », she adds indeed.

But the problem does not stop there! Because the checks even almost got lost. “Second problem: you have to put electricity and water in the house before entering it. I am then asked if I have deposited the checks, because I make a payment plan, every three months I pay a sum. Except that the checks I deposited them from the start: where are my checks? (…) Good they find the checks! », says the young woman.

“So my next payment is in two months and not three! (…) Going crazy between English and French, it puts a lump in your stomach which is just incredible. », confides the young woman again. Very saddened, she still declares in a video : “I’m not here to sell you dreams. (…) I’m a normal person, I work all year round to pay for my house. And there, I tell myself that it never stops. Everything I had organized is falling apart… (…) I have reached a stage where I am disgusted with the house. I suffered so much to have it, and I can’t see the end of the tunnel. It’s so tiring. », she concludes thus. Fingers crossed that everything will be in order!