she reveals the incredible result of her physical challenge, wow

Cindy Poumeyrol is a former survival game contestant Koh Lanta. Thus, the challenges do not scare him, it is obvious. She even needs it in her daily life. Therefore, the young lady decided to embark on a small challenge for a special occasion. Here is what she shared to her community on her account instagram this Friday, June 10, 2022.

Cindy Poumeyrol, complexed by her weight and her post-pregnancy physique

Cindy Poumeyrol participated in the 2019 edition of Koh Lanta on the chain TF1. She is from Aquitaine and has always been very sporty. Indeed, she was a swimming champion during her teenage years and she even won a regional title. In her professional life, she had a rather calm job since she was a financial advisor. She was fed up with her routine and the desire for adventure was stronger. It is for this reason that she decided to embark on Denis Brogniart’s survival game. The beginnings are difficult in the blue team in the Fiji Islands, but it takes its place little by little. If we don’t necessarily remember her performances in the events, we haven’t forgotten the big buzz she caused by tanning topless…

After this first experience in reality TV, Cindy Poumeyrol decided to continue on this path. Indeed, she has just announced to her followers that she will participate in the show of Moms and Famous with her two daughters, Alba and Victoire, as well as her husband, Thomas.

The pretty blonde does not hide anything from internet users

On his account instagram, Cindy Poumeyrol shares a lot of things with her fans in all sincerity. For example, when her tenant stopped paying her rent, she did not hesitate to tell her misadventure on the Web. Recently, the pretty blonde engaged in a completely different subject, but which interested many young women like her. Cindy Poumeyrol spoke about her weight loss and the parts of her physique that make her complex.

“I, mother of 2 wonderful little girls, postpartum Victoire m+3 (after the famous ‘this body gave life’, ‘these are the traces of love’, I have never felt so bad in my body, I also cried a lot, but above all I woke up!) (…) Only 1 month and a half after photos 2-3. First time in my life that I am patient, not in excess. I pay attention to my diet, but I also allow myself delicacies and a few aperitifs. I have resumed sport and it does me a lot of good morally even if I manage with difficulty to schedule myself 2 sessions per week.“, she said. Indeed, after pregnancy and childbirth, you sometimes have to be patient…

Cindy Poumeyrol proud to have achieved her goal

Cindy Poumeyrol even shared a special event where she was present with her family last weekend. Indeed, she attended the tenth anniversary of a couple of friends. For this occasion, she wanted to put on one of her old dresses, but will she fit in it? That is the question ! “I was all the rage at the time with this little sequined dress. And it was one of my goals to be able to get into it again (I love this dress so much that I have always kept it despite the years“, she said in her instagram stories this Friday, June 10, 2022.

Well, we can say that she has won her bet! Indeed, she arrived all smiles wearing the famous dress of the time. So she had to celebrate and share the good news with as many people as possible. With will, patience, a healthy lifestyle, we get there. As the saying goes: ” When we want we can “ ! ” Even if I’m tight and I’m going to have to tuck my stomach all evening. Mission accomplished, I’m very proud of myself“, says Cindy Poumeyrol. Yet another victory on his list!