“She reverses day and night”: Vitaa exhausted by her daughter Noa

On the night of Sunday May 8 to Saturday May 9, Vitaa confided in social networks about her daily life as a young mother. His daughter Noa, born on April 10, makes him live complicated nights. “She reverses day and night”she regretted.

Never two without three. Sunday April 10, Vitaa gave birth to her third child: a daughter named Noa, little sister of Liham, born in 2011, and Adam, born in 2014, the fruit of her marriage to Hicham Bendaoud. “Praise to you Lord for having showered me once again with the most beautiful of your Creatures. May you protect our doll from this world and shower her with your blessings… In love with my daughtershe wrote on Instagram to announce the birth of her baby.

Baby who makes the singer happy… but not only. A few days after giving birth, Vitaa was overworked and confided on social networks: Help, three kids, it’s an orga, I wasn’t ready, she assured, revealing a photo of her dressing room upside down, emptied by her children. But it’s not just in terms of storage that the arrival of a child is a real upheaval. In terms of nights too, it’s complicated with a newborn, Vitaa pays the price.

Vitaa exhausted: her daughter Noa “not ready to spend the night”

On the night of Sunday May 8 to Monday May 9, on Instagram, Vitaa confided in the galleys of a young mother. Around midnight, she shared a video in which her baby can be heard crying in the dark. “Well for now, it reverses day and night… There, it is the beginning of his day”she quipped, adding: Not ready to spend the night this one… And neither do I..” Exhausted, Vitaa had fun during the day, while Noa was sleeping (finally): she offered herself a manicure, her sleeping daughter in her arms.

Source- https://www.voici.fr/news-people/elle-inverse-le-jour-et-la-nuit-vitaa-epuisee-par-sa-fille-noa-728961