She sells her 7-year-old son for a colossal sum to repay his debts, the shock!

Unworthy mother, mother of shame… This lady has been decked out with different nicknames of the same kind since her story goes around the web. Nargiza Aitmatova is a 36-year-old Russian woman and she was about to knowingly commit the irreparable.

Indeed, it was just in time that she was arrested. The police were able to interrupt the transaction, which was none other than the sale of her 7-year-old son. Questioned about her actions, she is totally lucid and does not seem to have the slightest remorse. Objeko tell you everything.

Unworthy mum puts her son up for sale for €4,700

Nargiza Aitmatova is therefore a housewife 36 years old. She has three children and she is separated from the father of these. She lives with a new boyfriend and she explains that he doesn’t like her 7 year old son. And that’s one of the reasons she decided to sell it.

This story seems to be made up from scratch. However, it is our colleagues from the British newspaper The Mirror who report the facts. This mother was fortunately spotted in time by the police. The fact is that she had placed an ad online to sell her son, directly on her social networks.

The little boy didn’t know, of course. She had contacted an organ trafficking site and offered €4,700 for his 7-year-old son. His mom drove him to a mall in Yekaterinburg for the transaction.

She told him that his father was coming to pick him up and that he should just wait patiently. Her mom then said her goodbyes casually. While she knew so well thatshe was selling her own son to organ traffickers.

An incredible story

Indeed, in order to be able to accuse him of such a crime, the authorities have heard that the traction is about to be finalized. They intervened at the time of ” transfer “ can we read in our colleagues. At that time, she was caught red-handed as the expression goes. It was impossible for him to deny the facts.

Arrested, imprisoned, it was now time for her trial. Asked about this infamous act, this young 36-year-old mother explained that her new companion did not like her son. And she also explained that she had debts. In sum, she was fully aware of the crime she was committing. And especially the fate that would be reserved for her little boy.

Separated from his mother for her own good, the 7-year-old boy was taken into care by social services. He will then likely be placed in the care of his father. It is therefore a real miracle that he was able to be saved.

Finally, history does not say how many years in prison this unworthy mom got. But Objeko do not doubt that she could not escape justice.