She turned down Joe Biden for Britney Spears’ wedding

Paris Hilton preferred to go to her wedding

For Britney Spears she gave the US President a basket

Paris Hilton didn’t want to miss this wedding: instead of playing for Joe Biden, the It-Girl preferred to attend her friend Britney Spears’ wedding.

Published: 06/11/2022 at 16:10

For the pop princess, Paris Hilton (41) even transfers the US President. The It girl has now revealed that she was originally asked to DJ for Joe Biden, 79, at the Organization of American States summit. But then she canceled because she would rather be there when her good friend Britney Spears (40) said yes.

Speaking on her podcast This is Paris, she revealed: “I was supposed to be playing music for the President’s dinner and Presidents from around the world. But the wedding was more important to me.” What Hilton meant: Biden had been to the so-called Summit of the Americas in Los Angeles and had received the heads of state from North, Central and South America there. Just around the corner from Thousand Oaks where Spears’ wedding was taking place.