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The romantic story between Isabel Preysler and Mario Vargas Llosa had its end. After almost 8 years, the break comes between an ex-partner who, although they belong to different worlds, fell in love, and now unable to reconcile those diversities, they go their separate ways. And although the mother of Enrique Iglesiaspoints out the “unfounded jealousy” of the writer as the reason for the goodbye, the ex-wife of the Nobel Prize for Literature offers other reasons.

In less than three months, there is a new break in the Preysler clan, in a home where Tamara Falcó took refuge after the deception of her fiancé Iñigo Onieva. The Spanish businesswoman, of Filipino origin, decides to leave behind her romance that never made it to the altar and in which both stated that “they were and felt good.”

To avoid the media and the paparazzi, the socialite could have put land in the middle and with her daughter, leaving for the United States, in Miami to say goodbye to a turbulent year. Last year she enjoyed it like this next to her eldest children, Julio José Iglesias, Ana Boyer and Enrique Iglesias and the grandchildren that she loves so much, she reviewed Vanity Fair.

Isabel Preysler did not want to be the “eternal lover” and Vargas Llosa did not want marriage

From the Telecinco channel, in the Socialité program, the journalist brought up another version of the reasons for the dissolution of the romance between Mario Vargas Llosa and Isabel Preysler, coming from the intimate environment of the Peruvian.

And although the decision of the elegant mother of the interpreter of “Dancing” was not unexpected, because there were already rumors of a couple crisis, the words that ensure that everything was due to the fact that the writer repeatedly refused to marry is surprising. with Preysler.

The couple seemed destined for a love forever. However, their lives were always like that of eternal boyfriends, a role that socialite She no longer wanted to practice in her career as a lady with great surnames, Nius Diario said.

The discussions and claims for that reason culminated in a final goodbye, without any possibility of reconciliation, Isabel said when giving her reasons for the end of the relationship in which it was clear that she did not see a future that would make them both happy.

“I want to get married, if something happens to you, I’m not going to be Mario Vargas Llosa’s lover”, was the premise that the ex of Julio Iglesias the man with whom he lived great adventures, trips and new experiences.

But, the queen of hearts of Spanish society, only got rejection and a negative response to her formal marriage request. The Filipina wanted to formalize their relationship of almost 8 years and stop being the “wife of Vargas Llosa” or the “eternal lover” of her last years.

From the aforementioned program, they stressed that the last discussion arose from the same origin. “The last request was made a few days ago, and he says no again”, a reason that left no other way for Isabel than to cut off the relationship that no longer had a way for two.

Vargas Llosa’s ex-wife says she already knew the reason for the breakup

A person from the environment of the ex-wife of Mario Vargas Llosa, Patricia Llosa, told the reasons for the separation.

Although Patricia refused to speak directly since her stay in the Dominican Republic, the source mentioned that the former knows what happened or at least the writer’s version, because she told her children two weeks ago.

The informant assures that Isabel is not telling the truth. “She begins to have an important request. Isabel Preysler, repeatedly for about 6 months, has only one wish, to get married, but he doesn’t want to get married. He asks him again, and he gets another no, ”say the hosts of the show.

And although Preysler categorically affirmed that he will not give more statements than he gave to his flagship magazine, Hello, there are still many details to reveal in a farewell to great showbiz characters. (AND)

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