“She was quite upset when they gave it to Meghan”: Camila Parker Bowles is now happy because she keeps the title of ambassador of the National Theater | People | Entertainment

Last Friday, March 18, through a statement issued by the English national theater, the new title of ambassador of the prestigious site was awarded to the Duchess Camila Parker Bowles.

This important sponsorship that was given to Parker, belonged to Meghan Marklebut due to disputes over not belonging to or fulfilling the duties of royalty, he could not continue to hold this recognition.

Decisions of Queen Elizabeth II benefit Camila Parker

In 2019 Meghan Markle was named Royal Patron of the National Theater by the Queen isabel II. But after Meghan and the prince harry announced their estrangement from royalty, they received a lot of criticism and negative comments.

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Little by little the titles that the royal couple had, were granted to other members of the family. As well as the Duchess of Cambridge’s recent patronage of Kate Middleton.

Camila Parker Bowles and her new royal title

As reported by TiempoX, the distinction that Megan had now belongs to Camila, because due to her passion for the performing arts she is the ideal person to carry this recognition.

This was made known by the National Theater in its account of Twitterwhere he congratulates Camila from Cornwall for wanting to be part of this position, and also for helping many people and associations during the pandemic.

The following can be read in the statement:

We are delighted to announce that Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cornwall has become our Royal Patron. The Duchess, a longtime supporter of the arts, is a devoted fan of the theater and a champion of literature. The Duchess Ella shares our belief that theater enriches our lives, and that everyone should have access to the arts and creativity regardless of their circumstances.

In the message they also emphasize the support offered by Parker in the difficult moments of the pandemic:

The Duchess has shown us great support during the pandemic, so we look forward to working with Her Royal Highness for many years to come. We also want to express our gratitude to Her Majesty, the Queen, for her unwavering support and for her service to the National Theatre.

According to sources close to the royal family, the Duchess of Cornwall and Rothesay is very happy with the recognition, and is very excited to accept it, since in 2019 when the title was awarded to Meghan Markle, she felt nothing happy.

“Camilla really loved him. She was pretty upset when they gave it to Meghan. She is now excited to take it on after being disappointed not to get it the first time,” the insider mentioned about how she received her new role, Camila, a title she longed for so much. (AND)

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