She wins the lottery and sees her life change completely

This woman lived a great moment of happiness after winning a very large sum Lotto. Unfortunately, people she would never have thought capable of such an act tried to steal her earnings.

She wins a large sum at the lottery and can finally support her family

Few people will say the opposite: it is more than difficult to win the jackpot at the lottery. With the millions of possible combinations and just as many players in each draw, you have to be very lucky. Marie Holmes knew this chance. Unfortunately, this has quickly shot. One thing is certain, this event changed his lifebut not in the way you imagine.

This American lotto player lives in North Carolina. She won a large sum when she was only 26 years old. It fell rather well because the young woman is the mother of four children whom she raises alone. In addition, one of them is disabled. To support her family, Marie Holmes did odd jobs. Despite all her determination, it was difficult for her to make ends meet.

A pastor tries to steal his money

One day, this courageous mother discovered that she had played the correct numbers in the lottery. Thus, she had won the extraordinary sum 90 million euro. And because this Mom is of a generous nature, she made a large donation to her church. But against all odds, the pastor told him that he had never received the money in question. In reality, Marie Holmes had announced a donation of 700,000 euros. As for the pastor, he certified that the winner of the lottery had promised him the sum of 1.5 million euros.

Following this confrontation, the housewife experienced a period of intense stress. “Due to emotional distress and mental stress, I had to start taking more medication for anxiety and depression” she had explained. Indeed, the pastor decided to take legal action. If her complaint had been successful, Marie would have been forced to pay him more than ten million dollars.

She helps her companion who turns against her

Fortunately, the pastor was unsuccessful. The young woman was therefore able to concentrate on her projects, in particular that of get his mate out of jail. So she paidcautioned, but quickly regretted this gesture. Indeed, this former prisoner did not respect the law and found himself locked up again. Marie Holmes therefore paid her deposit again, then another and yet another with her lotto winnings. In total, she spent over $20 million for the wrong reasons.

Realizing the situation, the mother of the family decided to end his relationship with this man. After which she sold all her belongings and those she had given him with the money from her winnings. Unfortunately, the prisoner turned against her believing that she had no right to sell things that did not belong to her.

The life of Marie Holmes has well and truly changed at all following his winning lottery. But she would have done without all these changes…