Sheila: her mother’s decisive role at the start of her career in keeping her feet on the ground

Sheila was the guest of C à Vous this Wednesday, January 4. The opportunity for her to confide in her mother, who is her first support.

Sheila is an artist who needs no introduction. She has been on the front of the stage since she was very young and, now aged 77, the singer has no intention of stopping there. Guest of the C à Vous set this Wednesday, January 4, Sheila mentioned the beginnings of her career. “The French have known you since the age of 16, when you appeared in pajamas on December 3, 1962“, begins Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine before asking her guest if she imagined that her life would change radically. “We can’t imagine what will happen“, assures Sheila first before providing details: “I found out something was up the day I couldn’t leave my house.”, she recalled. “I used to go get my bread, go out shopping and all of a sudden, people were waiting outside my house. It’s a loss of freedom in reality“, she laments then. However, the young Sheila was able to count on the support of a person very dear to her eyes… her mother. “My mother is my role model, she is an extraordinary person who brought me a lot“, she says before adding: “She always made me keep my feet on the ground, she never let me fly away. It is a school of work, respect for others and respect for a job well done.“. Touching confidences.

Sheila is a much-loved artist who has unfortunately had to deal with unfounded rumors. At the age of only 18, the interpreter of School is over was accused of being a man. It started with ‘Sheila turns into a man’, then it was ‘Sheila is a man’, she remembered in the columns of Figaro in 2013. A rumor that she wanted to raise in the face of Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine and which, 40 years later, still affects her a lot. “Humanly, Claude Carrère was toxic, he hurt me, he was the one who made the rumor that I was a man...“, she first recalled. “Initially, we can take that like a joke but for 40 years it haunted me“, lamented the singer before adding: “I think you always have to be careful with a little thing that looks stupid like that”. In addition, Pierre Lescure reminds us that unfounded rumors can sometimes take a very unexpected turn. “There are plenty of people who believed in fake newshe regretted before giving the floor to Patrick Cohen, who was of the same opinion. It was the power of rumor before the internet and before social mediahe concluded.

Sheila: why was her time on the show highly commented on?

The presence of Sheila on the set of C à Vous made a lot of talk since the singer was alongside Nabilla. The young woman, who came to promote her new show, did not hide her admiration for the singer. “I can’t believe I see you“, she began before affirming her joy to meet her. For this, she did not hesitate to compare Sheila to an emblematic painting. “When I see, it’s as if I saw the Mona Lisa”, she continued before adding: “Obviously better and I feel like I’m in the Louvre“. A comparison that greatly amused Sheila but was not unanimous among Internet users.