Shera Kerienski shares a hilarious video with her darling, Internet users are struck by a detail

Shera Kerienski is a happy and loving woman. And on Friday March 25, 2022, the influencer once again shared her happiness with her subscribers. In a short humorous video posted on her Instagram account, she appeared alongside her beloved. A detail jumped out at internet users…

Shera Kerienski is swimming in happiness. And for good reason … On Tuesday March 15, 2022, the young YouTuber created a surprise on social networks. After having frankly shared the joys, as well as the inconveniences of her pregnancy, the latter had announced that she had given birth to a little boy a month ago. “In our first month as parents. Eh yes ! Our little boy showed up a month ago (Yes it’s a little Aquarius) We took the time to take our marks all 4 (with Popeye [leur chien, ndlr] too) before telling you”she wrote in the caption to illustrate some family shots.

And after a few days of silence, Shera Kerienski had delivered without filter about her postpartum body. In an Instagram post from March 23, the young mother had revealed several photos of her in the simplest device. “No I’m not expecting a second child, it’s about my body 1 month and a few after giving birth. Why show it to you? To show you the reality, MY reality and that of many too I imagine. even we document ourselves, we prepare for postpartum and the fact that his body will take time to become like before, it’s always a shock and sometimes a source of depression for me. Despite everything, I reassure myself by telling myself that this same body that makes me cry in front of the mirror, has made a human being, and somewhere, that’s what is beautiful”, she said. A gesture hailed by its subscribers from the first comments. “You are beautiful”, “We love you, you are wonderful”, “Your body is beautiful”they wrote.

“There are no differences”

But Shera Kerienski decided to move on and not let this new, changing body get her down. This Friday, March 25, 2022, former columnist Do not touch My TV has, this time, preferred the tone of humor to address Internet users. “You keep telling us that we have the same face… So?”, she commented through a short video posted on her Instagram account. The influencer staged herself alongside her companion Raphaël to the delight of her subscribers. But a detail quickly challenged them. The pictures prove it: the two lovebirds look alike like two drops of water. “Euuuuh I’m shocked !!!!”, “Ah ouiiiiii anyway, Tic et Tac”, “I’m in shock so there is no difference”, “Omg twins”, “Soul sisters!”, they commented. The resemblance is striking.