Sherlyn prepares her son for the bullying he could receive from growing up in “a different kind of family” | Famous

Sherlyn Gonzalez He has commented on several occasions how happy he is to raise his son André without the presence of a father; however, she is aware that the 1-year-old can be criticized for being part of a single parent familythat is, it has only one of the parents.

In an interview with various media such as Despierta América, the participant of Tu Cara Me Suena noted that he is hopeful that the issue of family diversity be more accepted when André is an older child.

“I hope that, just as everything has evolved, when André is in primary school, in secondary school, this has evolved more, and the children have also understoodthanks to the parents that we are going to instill beautiful things in them, that there are different types of family“.

The actress stressed that it is up to adults to teach the youngest members of the household that every family is perfect when love is the base.

“(Teach minors) that there are heterosexual, homosexual, single-parent families, of all kinds of families and they are all perfect, as long as love is involved“Declared the soap opera actress as ‘Class 406’.

Sherlyn González is not willing to share parenthood

The actress is planning the ideal time to start treatment and give birth to a second child next year, if possible.

I’m fine-tuning detailsI hope that everything turns out amazing and that it hits soon. I hope we start in December and we’ll see when we get it,” he added in the interview on April 19 upon his arrival in Aztec land.

He said that one of the reasons this time she will also choose to be a single mother and undergoing an assisted reproduction method is because does not want to co-parent.

“Precisely, the blessing of being a mother in charge, alone, is this theme of not having to deal with parenthood‘the weekend with you, with me'”, he mentioned.

Sherlyn wants to experience motherhood in complete peace of mind, as she has done with André, who will be 2 years old next May.

“I believe that André is a happy child, that he is loved, that he is safe, that he is in a beautiful environment and I believe that I don’t want to go into that subject of push and pull of ‘and now with whom and how much each one contributes'”.

Faced with the possibility that one of her friends could collaborate with her in her plans to become a mother again, she said that it is not an option for her, since she considers that she can take charge herself.

If I am making the decision to have another baby, it is because I can perfectly take care of it. of her education, of love, of upbringing, of school, of health and, no, I wouldn’t want to be with any friends,” she said with conviction.

Sherlyn commented that for now she feels complete with André and is not looking for love, since she considers that the ideal time to have a partner will be when the little one -and his little brother- are at least 3 years old.

“For now, I think I’m going to dedicate the next few years to my children, well, right now Andréand if God wants another baby to come, then my children, but I do think that for at least André’s first three years, the first years, if I have another baby, I will be fully focused on them and later there will be time for love, but at the moment it is not in the plans,” he told the press.