Sherlyn recounted that she suffered a flat tire on her trip to Europe with her son André: she showed how she was helped | Famous

A year later, the December holidays in Europe for the actress and her family once again had an ups and downs. However, this time it was an accident that they lived in the middle of the highway.

Sherlyn recounted the event they suffered on a road on their trip through Europe

The ‘Class 406’ actress (which you can watch for free on ViX) used her Instagram stories to share with her fans the “sad story” she lived with her parents, Carlos and Lorena, and André during one of their road trips.

To start the brief ‘storytime’ of the event, Sherlyn used the well-known phrase “Come with me to see this sad story” from the program ‘Woman, real life cases’.

“I’m telling you that a ‘llantirri’ struck us on the ‘carreterriri,'” the 37-year-old actress told humorously.

Sherlyn also joked that she was already quite the mechanic and showed that she donned a neon yellow safety vest.

Unfortunately, the altercation with his truck was suffered in a place where neither English nor Spanish are official languages.

“The tire was flattened and here German is not my first language, not to say that I don’t understand you at all.”

However, he warned that fortunately they met “an angel on the road.”

“A super cute lady in an orange vest stood up and I said, ‘Obviously she does this.’ No, gentlemen. She was a kind soul, a Samaritan who came to help us”.

Shortly after, Sherlyn showed that a large crane arrived at the place where she was stranded with her son André and her parents Lorena and Carlos González.

However, the dramatic turn of this action was that she, her mother and André were inside the vehicle. In her case, she was slightly lying down in the passenger seat, since apparently there should be no passengers.

“Hidden like El Chapo. It doesn’t matter,” she commented.

The account of his adventure almost came to an end with a short clip where he showed how the truck was lowered from the crane.

Finally, the actress ended her ‘storytime’ with the credits of the program ‘Woman, real life cases’.

Based on her laughs that she expressed while recounting this experience, it seems that the actress in the end took this ups and downs in her journey with humor.

Tell us, what would you do if something like Sherlyn happened to you?