Shinzo Abe died victim of an attack: who is his wife, the amazing Akie Abe?

Shinzo Abe, the former Japanese Prime Minister was shot and injured on Friday July 8. He died at the age of sixty-seven according to the AFP. Who is his wife Aki Abe whom he leaves behind? tells you everything.

Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Aba was the target of an attack this Friday, July 8. Aimed in the back with a firearm by a man in his forties during a meeting in Nara (Japan), he died at the age of sixty-seven. He leaves behind his wife, Akie Abe. The couple, who married in 1987 never managed to give birth. He considered adopting for a while, she didn’t want it. Very discreet during her husband’s first term, Akie Abe is a housewife. She then opens an izakayaa Japanese bar that serves alcohol and snacks.

Then, she gained confidence by resuming her studies. Graduated in 2011, she got involved in several causes during her husband’s second term. She appears alongside michelle obama to defend girls’ education and the right to healthy food, take part in Gay Pride in 2014 or even visit a controversial patriotic shrine, because it symbolizes for his fellow citizens the “Japan’s militaristic past”highlighted Le Figaro Madame. While Japanese First Ladies are normally low-key, Akie Abe doesn’t stop there… At the risk of harming the political image of her husband.

In 2016, she visited Pearl Harbor, the American base destroyed by the Japanese air force during the Second World War. A political misstep, since it gives priority to Shinzo Abe, who will go there a few months later alongside Barack Obama. She will also plunge her couple into the heart of a scandal in 2018. She is then accused of influence peddling. He is accused of having sold a state property at 10% of its value for the construction of a primary school – of which she would have become the honorary director. The opposition parties will demand that she be heard in Parliament to justify her links with the project manager.

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Les Macron, Shinzo Abe and his wife Akie Abe during the informal welcome to the G7 summit at the Hotel du Palais, in Biarritz (France) on August 24, 2019.
© Thibaud Moritz / Pool / BestimageLes Macron, Shinzo Abe and his wife Akie Abe during the informal welcome to the G7 summit at the Hotel du Palais, in Biarritz (France) on August 24, 2019.

Emmanuel Macron reacts to Shinzo Abe’s attack

Since the announcement by AFP of the attack of which the former Japanese Prime Minister was the victim, several leaders reacted. Emmanuel Macron says to himself “deeply shocked by the heinous attack that Shinzo Abe suffered“. The tenant of the Élysée presents its “Thoughts with the family and loved one of a great Prime Minister”. The President of the European Council, Charles Michel said on France Info be “saddened by the cowardly attack” while Boris Johnson, the British Prime Minister, qualifies this shooting on Twitter “abject”.

Photo credits: Thibaud Moritz / Pool / Bestimage