Shock on Televisa: Carmen Muñoz breaks down crying when she sees her husband in bed with another woman!

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Mexico City.- Upon his return to Televisa after being part of Aztec TV, Carmen Munoz shocks everyone by revealing that broke down crying when she saw her husband with another woman in full privacy. It was unfaithful?

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The former driver of falling in love came as a guest on the show faisy nightsconducted by Faisy Y Mariana Echeverriawhere he confessed what it was like to see his partner, the actor Juan Angel Esparzain bed with another woman.

However, he was not referring to real life, but to fiction, since he said that she couldn’t hold back her tears seeing one intimate scene between the father of his daughter and an actress, since it was too much for him.

And it is that the actor has worked in the San Ángel company for many years, appearing in soap operas such as Bet on a love, Beware the angel, Indomitable Heart Y want it all.

After revealing that sometimes after doing a program she ends up exhausted but tries not to take work home, the host of naked secrets for unicable She was questioned about whether she was jealous when she saw her husband’s scenes.

Note that I am not jealous. It happened to me once, when we had very little to walk, we were already living together and he was doing a novel. Suddenly there is a rape scene and I wanted to see it because he had told me about it. He told me: ‘Look, I did a scene with Lorena Enriquez and I want you to give me your point of view'”.

Although she full of courage told him that she would see her without any problem, she did not anticipate what would happen next because she finished breaking down in tears.

I said: ‘of course, I want to see it’. I’m pretty sure, right? and I start to see the scene… something happened in me that made me feel bad and I started to cry. He turns and says to me: ‘why are you crying if you wanted to see her?’ (I told him) ‘I felt horrible how you’re raping a woman’ but he told me: ‘it’s acting, it’s never going to happen'”.

He said that after passing the shock, he got used to it and revealed that he would see his work coldly, as an actor and not as his partner, stating that now it does not cause him conflict.

After almost 18 years, he already gives me scripts and tells me: ‘hey, my love, help me choose’. I love watching it because I love his work, not because I enjoy watching it, it’s supporting us in everything, “she said with a laugh.

Source: Unicable YouTube channel and Instagram @carmenmoriginal