Shock on Televisa: Maite Perroni hits after reappearing “emaciated” and with work conflicts?

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Mexico City.- This Saturday, March 19, the girlfriend of Andres Tovarmanaged to paralyze the middle of the entertainment after confessing that he had been having trouble sleeping during the last days… Find out what is the reason!

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Despite the fact that celebrities usually show their best face through the social mediarecently, the actress of dark desire and I can’t without youshared a Photography in which she looks emaciated and extremely tired, the reason? She hadn’t been able to sleep for the last week.

The singer of ‘Save me‘ revealed that, during the last days, she has been full of work activities, all of them at night, a fact that came to affect her sleep cyclefor which she stated that she is extremely tired.

Despite this, it seems that this small inconvenience is about to come to an end, since with the arrival of the weekend comes rest for the actress, who explained that she will spend the next few hours resting.

Now it’s time to sleep… This week was made up of night calls, working at night and sleeping during the day… I swear I’m happy even if my face says otherwise

It should be noted that last Friday, Perroni published the trailer for his new job: I can’t without you, film who will star alongside Mauricio Ochmanwhich will be focused on a suspenseful story that promises to keep the viewer on the edge of their seat.

Sources: Twitter @maiteperroni