Shock on TV! Consuelo Duval explodes due to a lawsuit with Galilea Montijo: “It drives me out of my boxes”

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Mexico City.- The actress and host of Televisa, Consuelo Duvalconfirmed that he returns to television with the spinoff of Rush hour and explodes before the press when questioned about her alleged rivalry with Galilea Montijo now that you joined Divine Net.

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The comedian was very excited before the reporters to return to television in Tal para que, a spinoff of the famous comedy show Rush hourwhich will focus on ‘Nacasia’ Y ‘nacaranda‘ and where you will work again with Lorraine Garza.

On the other hand, the press questioned her about her allegedly bad relationship with Galilea Montijo now that she officially joined the program unicable Divine Netwhere Consuelo already collaborates with Natalia Tellez, Paola Rojas Y Daniela Magun.

In social networks, a large part of the public assured that the bad relationship between Galilea and Consuelo, in addition to stating that they are “forced”, so instead of transmitting good vibes, they reflect the opposite.

Given this, reporters approached Consuelo and asked if the rumor was true that he even made fun of her and called her “Galille”. Hearing the questions, Consuelo immediately said:

Oh no!, that makes me a real mam…, and that drives me crazy, who knows me, because I have been totally and absolutely transparent, knows that, if I encab… that Galilea was on the show, I would make it obvious.”

However, he did make it clear that Guadalajara she is not your friendbut she is open to it being so, since they have to get to know each other better.

Of course not! She’s my partner, I’ve known her for many years, she’s not my friend, I repeat, because we haven’t gone off the deep end, because she doesn’t know my story, because she wasn’t there when my dad died, for many reasons She’s not my friend, but she’s going to be, in spite of everyone and in spite of everything they say”.

About the alleged nickname he gave Gali, Consuelo he got upset and demanded that they not put words in his mouth.

Do not put words in my mouth that I have not said, because that is barbarian and it is not worth it, and you know me and if there is a divine net, it is me.

Finally, he made it clear that the driver of the today program She will have their full support during her integration into the project they share together, in addition to condemning those who have been attacking her.

I love Galilea very much, I am hugging her very strongly because they are attacking her very badly…, she doesn’t deserve it either, and four women are going to enter who, with all the sisterhood in the world, are going to hug her and we are going to integrate her into the program, whoever likes it, “he concluded.

About actors who are problematic and have lawsuits with other celebrities, Consuelo said that she used to be like that a few years ago, but that is already in the past, reiterating that her only goal is to amuse the public and entertain them.

I had my time 10 years ago when I was a girl who played the role of ped… because I believe that women should have the same place as men. Nimodo, I did it as a ped… I wanted equality, I put together a mess, I was punished for it, I paid my penalty and I’m back as it should be.

Source: Edén Dorantes YouTube channel and Instagram @netasdivinastv