Shooting at parade in hometown: Rachel Brosnahan has “no words”

Shots at parade in hometown
Rachel Brosnahan has ‘no words’

Rachel Brosnahan advocates gun law reform.

Rachel Brosnahan advocates gun law reform.

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Several dead after shots in Highland Park: Actress Rachel Brosnahan has “no words” for the events in her hometown.

Shots were fired this Monday (July 4) at a US Independence Day parade in Highland Park, a suburb of Chicago, killing at least six people according to CNN killed and several people injured. The unknown shooter managed to escape.

“The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” actress Rachel Brosnahan (31) was shocked by the fact on Twitter: “I grew up in Highland Park and this parade is a highlight of the year for so many families,” she explained in a tweet adding, “I get sick every time I read messages like this, but I don’t wish you a pang in the pit of your stomach calling your family and friends to make sure everyone is okay. No words.” In another post linked the actress, who grew up in Highland Park, Illinois, from the age of four to an initiative that advocates for the reform of gun laws in the USA and wrote several times: “Enough is enough.”

Other stars have reacted to the dramatic events near Chicago. Musician Richard Marx (58), also grew up in Highland Park, tweeted: “My heart is always broken by these constant shootings, no matter where they take place, but today I’m particularly heartbroken. And particularly angry at the senselessness.” Actor Ken Olin (67) explained in a tweet about his home town: “I used to go to this parade every year as a little boy. I feel for all the children in our country who will grow up afraid to celebrate with a crowd of happy people.”

Bryan Cranston is concerned

Actor Bryan Cranston (66) wrote at Instagram to an inverted US flag: “This sign means there is a great emergency. This is how I feel about our country on this Independence Day. Another shooting will only make me sadder because we are no longer shocked by senseless deaths. Independence, personal liberty and security is always a struggle, so we cannot succumb to adversity.” Finally, the ‘Breaking Bad’ star added: “We as a country, as a people, have to do better. We have to be better people. Bless all who have suffered.”