Shortly after separation – ex-candidate Kerstin forgiven again

At the final of "Farmer is looking for a wife" Kerstin and Peter were still a couple.

At the finale of “Bauer sucht Frau” Kerstin and Peter were still a couple.rtl

Only two months ago, Kerstin Scholz and Peter Ziegler confirmed their separation. The two met on the show “Bauer sucht Frau” and declared their love for each other in the finale. In real life, the relationship then failed, but Kerstin found her happiness in love again.

On Instagram, Kerstin proudly shows how happy she is with her new partner. The man can only be seen from behind, in the picture the two hug each other tightly. She writes that he is the most beautiful coincidence of her life. She also shared the picture on her Instagram story and accompanied it with the song “Pizzle Piece” by Mo-Torres and Nico Gomez, which says:

“Neither of us knew what love is.”

With this, she subliminally indicates that the declarations of love on the RTL show are nothing compared to the love she now feels for her new partner. The song snippet goes on to say, “I never looked for you, we just happened.”. She is currently in Italy on Lake Garda with the stranger and is on vacation.

Reactions from Sabrina and Peter

Under the post, many fans of the show expressed their congratulations for Kerstin, including Sabrina Bentfeld with a heart emoji. She also took part in “Bauer sucht Frau” in 2021, and her love with Matthias Kreiss didn’t last long either.

While Kerstin shared her new happiness, Peter appeared carefree on Instagram. There he talked about his photovoltaic system and gave an insight into everyday farm life. The two still follow each other on Instagram and have not deleted photos together. After all, they also talked about marriage and children on the show and imagined a future together. This will probably no longer exist, but apparently the two have parted on good terms.