‘should have slapped you in the face’

Britney Spears has had enough! She finds clear, hard words for her mother and sister.

Pop star Britney Spars has addressed her fans with another emotional message on Instagram. For a few weeks now that her father Jamie’s guardianship has ended after 13 years, Britney has been reaching out to her followers to share her perspective.

Father controlled Britney

After some details from her father’s guardianship became known – Papa Jamie Spears is said to have made massive use of his daughter’s assets and even determined her contraception – the role of Britney’s sister Jamie Lynn and mother Lynn now becomes clear.

Britney Spears reckoning with mother and sister

For some time, fans have wondered what has happened to Britney’s mother Lynn over the past few years. Did she have a better relationship with her daughter? Or bowed to the father? In her Instagram post, Britney writes about the time after Justin Timberlake broke up. His family is said to have been the only ones who knew her for a long time. She flew home and it was all about her younger sister Jamie Lynn, who had just landed a big TV deal and was being spoiled.

‘should have slapped you in the face’

But she herself would have needed a little support after the hard breakup. But Mama Lynn was on pain pills, barely able to get up and Jamie Lynn busy savoring the newfound fame. Britney herself says she has always worked and never had a break, was left alone with her fears. And that’s why, as she concludes, she should have just slapped her sister and her mother in the face…

Sister Jamie Lynn, who is currently marketing her memoir, denies much.