“Shut up you”; This is how Danna Paola asked for justice for Debanhi

Danna Paola’s presentation at the Emblema festival had an unexpected start. Although the singer usually joins initiatives that empower women, until now she had not ruled on the Debanhi case.

Danna Paola has a song called “Calla tú” that is precisely about violence against women and that tells the story of a woman who frees herself from her aggressor, whom she leaves after having “danced in front of the mirror” to survive her death. reality.

“Shut up / I’m not waiting for you anymore”, says the chorus of this song that was chosen by Danna Paola to open her presentation at the Emblema festival.

The demand, however, began before since Danna Paola barely appeared on stage, the legend “Not one more” was projected on the screens, which has become the cry of women in Mexico who demand that there be no more disappearances.

Then, in red letters and even larger, another phrase was projected: Justice for Debanhi.

The case of Debanhi Escobar has shaken Mexican society because after three weeks disappeared, she was found dead in a cistern next to a hotel. Despite the fact that there are surveillance cameras on the road, the hotel and a warehouse next door, the authorities have not been able to determine what happened to him.

Debanhi had left a party and boarded a taxi, which he later got out of. The taxi driver took a photo of her after that, showing Debanhi alone on the road. That image has become an emblem for the demand for justice in her case.