Sick and without exclusivity: After selling food, Televisa actress loses 6 kilos and returns to ‘Hoy’

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Mexico City.- A famous actress from TV soapswho lost its exclusivity in Televisa a couple of years ago, he confirmed his return to the show Today after having been very sick in days gone by and lost 6 kilos suddenly.

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She is also a comedian and host Isfel Violetwho despite his more than 29-year career in San Ángel fell into a severe economic crisis and in the midst of a pandemic he had to open a hamburger joint to get his family forward.

The former member of the program I fall over laughing from channel 5 He had had his thousands of followers and viewers of Televisa very worried because he suddenly left the reality show The Stars Dance Todaywhere he competes with raymixbecause the hospitalized in an emergency.

But fortunately he was able to recover after taking tremendous scare for his health problems and a few hours ago he met with the press to talk about his condition.

They were amoebae. In fact, the complicated thing was that I had two different ones, that this is more cannon… We thought a chicken that I ate hurt me, but in the end no, you can eat the amoebae right now and it will give you in three months, “explained Isfel .

And although now it is out of dangerthe endearing villain of juvenile melodrama Dare to dream explained that the doctors were concerned because of her dramatic weight loss, which was a consequence of the severe diarrhea that I had

I started this competitionThe stars dance today) at 60 kilos and was already there for 54 or 53 kilos. So that was also what scared us a lot because the level of infection, which we didn’t know what it was, was already draining me, even muscle mass, “she added.

Now that she is fully recovered, Isfel will join the Las Estrellas channel contest again and her partner Raymix announced through his stories of Instagram who are already rehearsing to present a great choreography next Thursday, May 20.

Hey, Violeta is back, everything is fine, we are already rehearsing, we will dance on Thursday,” said the singer.

Source: YouTube Sale el Sol, Programa Hoy and Instagram @violetaisfel