Sick and without exclusivity: After Televisa’s veto, novel heartthrob makes a harsh confession in ‘Hoy’

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Mexico City.- A controversial actor and host, who already does not have exclusivity and would have been vetoed from Televisa due to his scandals, he reappeared on the show Today and made an unexpected revelation about his health.

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He is also a former dancer and singer Serge Mayer, who has remained in the midst of controversy during the last year as he was accused of using his influences in politics to take the actor Hector Parra to jail because he supports his daughter Alexa Parra who pointed him out for alleged sexual abuse.

Due to this situation, a few months ago the YouTube channel The Borlote reported that the Mexican artist would have ended up banned from Televisa and TV Azteca, however, this was never confirmed.

During the morning of this Wednesday, January 19, Mayer appeared in the morning of Las Estrellas, where a few days ago he was a guest host, and said that he was diagnosed with a lung disease which has brought him delicate problems for some time.

I already went directly to a pulmonologist to have a chest X-ray done, some parts of the lung are very inflamed, so I have to start taking some special medicines,” commented the husband of Issabela Camil.

The actor explained that he suffers chronic cough and commented that the specialists have told him: “Now when I cough my lungs hurt and they told me ‘be careful, that is very serious‘ But I’m already taking care of myself and I’m starting to take the medication.”

Despite the sensitivity of the situation, the former Garibaldi ruled out that it is something related to Covid-19:

Suddenly I have coughing and asthma attacks, they already gave me shots to open up (the airways), suddenly I start coughing and I can’t breathe, my bronchial tubes close and that’s what I have inflamed and the air neither inside nor outside, but it is not Covid “.

Source: YouTube Program Today