Sidney Poitier’s cause of death revealed

Sidney Poitier died on January 6 of cardiopulmonary failure.

This Tuesday, January 18, the causes of death of actor Sidney Poitier, who died on January 6, were revealed by “TMZ “. According to the death certificate, the 94-year-old actor died at his home in Beverly Hills from cardiopulmonary failure. It is also stated that he suffered from Alzheimer’s disease and prostate cancer. According to his wishes, Sidney Poitier will be cremated.

One of Sidney Poitier’s two daughters, Sydney, paid a beautiful tribute to her late father this week. Through an Instagram post, the young girl expressed her grief and wanted to honor the memory of her father. She wrote with great emotion: “There are no words for this. No real way to prepare for this. No prose beautiful enough, no speech eloquent enough to capture the essence of my father. She added that his accomplishments, especially in the world of cinema, “literally changed the landscape for all who came after him”. “We know how gracious and wise he was. How powerful his strength of character and moral strength was. But what I really want people to know is how GOOD he was,” she continued. “I know people know he was good, but I don’t think they know the depth of his goodness. That she permeated every cell of her being. The kind of kindness that kept him from killing the tiniest of insects,” Sydney wrote. “He knew, on a cellular level, that if he hurt someone or something, he hurt everyone and everyone,” she continued, explaining that her father “treated everyone who crossed his path. as his equals and offered them his full presence”. “Warm and bright. No matter the storms that surrounded him, he remained steadfast and shone with his light. “We thought we were taking care of him. I see now that the truth is that he was still taking care of us. He reminded us, especially in these uncertain times, of the power of HAPPINESS. That even when the body fades and things seem to fall apart around us, goodness remains. Sydney went on to reminisce about the things she would miss, like laying her head on his shoulder, hearing him “fill the house with his wholesome laughter.” “But then I remember that even though his physical body is gone now, his goodness lives on,” she wrote, noting that her father “lives on in his wife, his kids, his grandkids, in his movies and his books, in every warm embrace he gave an adoring fan, every advice he gave to those he mentored, every little insect he kindly placed outside.” “I’m going to miss you more than words can express, Dad. I will feel you in the warmth of the sun on my back, I will hear you in the wind in the trees and I will look for you among the stars where you will surely be. “I love you.”

Sidney Poitier was a legendary actor and one of Hollywood’s first black stars. Known for his many films, including “The Chain” or “In the heat of the night”, he became the first black actor to win the Oscar for best actor for his performance in the film “Lilies of the Field” in 1964 .

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