Sienna Miller: With daughter Marlowe, she enjoys her life away from Hollywood

Sienna Miller has fulfilled a dream with her newly renovated cottage. Here she likes to welcome friends and family with her daughter Marlowe.

When actress Sienna Miller (40) first saw the 16th-century thatched cottage, she was hooked and bought it immediately. At that time she was 25 years old: “It was a time when I was receiving a lot of attention in the press and I wanted an escape route,” she is quoted as saying by “”. She needed a “place of refuge” far from the big city: “I also wanted a place where family and friends could meet. The house has a calming effect, it’s a home with a heart,” enthuses the actress, who appears in Hollywood films like “The Sunken City of Z” or “American Sniper” played along.

Sienna Miller had her cottage renovated during the coronavirus pandemic

During the Corona epidemic, Sienna Miller, who has daughter Marlowe (10) with her former partner Tom Sturridge (36), had the old country house renovated. For this she hired her good friend, the director and theater designer Gaby Delall (61), to whom she had to promise not to enter the building for six months. The result is a real dream house, just under an hour from London.


Moving to the new dream house in Ibiza – and daughter Hailey-Su is already helping with packing.
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More air and space: After the conversion, the country house shines in new splendor

Born in New York and raised in the UK, Sienna Miller normally commutes between her West Village townhouse and her tranquil country life in Buckinghamshire, west of London. With the conversion of their country house, the thatched roof house could now be breathed a completely new life: Before the renovation, the building was completely gutted, all windows were removed, the floors were renewed and the interiors were painted in light colors.

In addition, the low ceiling was removed in some rooms so that the view up to the gable was free. This gave a lot more space, as can be seen in a small video on YouTube produced by Architectural Digest. There were also numerous mirrors – of course in shabby chic – which make the room appear larger.

Vintage meets design objects: colorful country style for Sienna and daughter Marlowe

The result is a warm interior with countless small and large vintage things, paired with design objects that her friend Gaby Dellal has collected from all over the world: at flea markets in Camden, special industrial steel windows via Ebay or dark brown floorboards from the Georgian and Victorian period with specialists in English Norfolk.

The centuries-old beams in the house have been preserved but have been stripped of their paint and are now a natural brown. The gravel driveway and the parking lot in front of the house also had to give way and were replaced by a wildflower meadow.

Sienna Miller cried with happiness when she saw the house again

When Sienna Miller first saw the house after the renovation, she cried. You can see that she is still enthusiastic about her new, old house in the YouTube video in which she shows us the rooms. “I couldn’t believe the transformation,” she explained. “Gaby is a true artist. Everything has a story, like the kitchen cabinets made from old school desks. Every time I’m here, I discover new aspects.”

It was important to Gaby Dellal to reflect her friend’s joie de vivre, generosity and spontaneity in the house. “There are always lots of friends with muddy boots and dogs, but miraculously the house never feels crowded,” she explained.