Silvestre Dangond will pay tribute to Jorge Oñate at the Vallenata Legend Festival

More than 100,000 tourists are expected to attend the city of Valledupar this week to enjoy the 55th edition of the Leyenda Vallenata festival. The fans are waiting with the promise of the great musical show that the renowned singer Silvestre Dangond will offer, who will pay a heartfelt tribute to Jorge Oñate, who died in February 2021 due to complications from covid-19.

The president of the Vallenato Legend Festival Foundation, Rodolfo Molina, told RCN World what This year a very special version will be held, because the winners of previous festivals will meet to select the “new king of kings”.

In this sense, Rodolfo Molina explained to the aforementioned media that delegations from Venezuela will also participate in this version of the festival, because he considers that the festival is no longer a Colombian festival and has become an international level.

“People have prepared themselves musically and I think it will be a nice show,” added Molina, who mentioned that women will have a very special role in this festival. As an expectation she announced that very soon they will have queens of queens of the vallenato festival, because they opened a specific category for female singers.

The president of the festival reiterated that this time the event will pay tribute to the late artist Jorge Oñate, for his career and contribution to Colombian folklore.

“’Nido de amor’ by maestro Octavio Daza, is the song that I carry the most in my heart (…) I had the opportunity to grow up with that song and it has always marked me because in addition to being beautiful, she sings it with feeling and with great joy and I think that’s what vallenato represents,” said Rodolfo Molina.

According to Henrry Pradilla, manager of the Valledupar air port, about 6,000 people are expected to arrive during the days that the party will take place.

While it is estimated that some 33,000 people will arrive through the transport terminal, with additional routes, in addition to private vehicles. Most tourists come from Medellín, Barranquilla and Bogotá.

The event is carried out by the Fundación Festival de la Leyenda Vallenata and is considered cultural heritage of the nation. Within the framework of the musical event, these contests are held: King of Kings, Vallenato Kings, Professional Vallenato King, Amateur Vallenato King, Juvenile Vallenato King, Vallenata Queen, Children’s King, Vallenato King of the Unpublished Song, Vallenato King of the Piqueria, Contest of the Piloneras.

  • Thursday April 28: Manuel Turizo, Diego Daza, Peter Manjarrés, Beto Zabaleta and Churo Díaz.
  • Friday, April 29 Fonseca, Jessi Uribe, Paola Jara, Elder Dayán Díaz, Mono Zabaleta.
  • Saturday April 30: Silvestre Dangond, Iván Villazón, Ana del Castillo.

The singer-songwriter Fonseca commented on his official Instagram account his excitement at participating in this great event in Valledupar. “Those who know me know what vallenato has meant in my life and that’s why I’m very excited to be invited back to the Vallenato Legend Festival,” the singer of the song wrote in a publication I send you flowers.

The programming of the festival this Wednesday, April 27 includes the Second Round of the Children’s Accordion accordion, in the airs of Paseo, Merengue, Son and Puya. The contests will start at 8:00 am and will also be at the La Pedregosa Recreational Center.

Starting at 10:00 am, the first qualifying round of Piquería Infantil will be held at the Unicentro shopping center; at 2:00 p.m. The first round of Rey de Reyes Piquería will take place.

At 4:00 in the afternoon, at the Glorieta Los Músicos, the Parade of Piloneras Mayores will begin. Starting at 6:00 in the afternoon, the opening ceremony of the Festival of the Vallenata Legend will be held in Plaza Alfonso López.