Silvia Laubenbacher († 56): Husband Percy: “I lost my second half”

Just three weeks ago she was optimistic. She was fine. She hoped that once again she would conquer this terrible disease. And then everything happened very quickly. Presenter Silvia Laubenbacher (56) died of breast cancer last weekend. She is survived by husband Percy Hoven (57) and children Yuma (20) and Taro (18). The family is in shock. “Silvia’s death is unbelievable, although announced and ultimately foreseeable. Our pain is immeasurable. I lost my second half,” says actor and artist Percy Hoven to BUNTE.

We knew each other well. I kept visiting the couple at home, walking with them through their huge, beautiful garden. We talked about great love, children – and this terrible disease. The couple had been married for over 20 years and lived “in an almost symbiotic relationship,” as Percy Hoven told me five years ago in a BUNTE interview. He suffered with her when she received the shock diagnosis seven years ago.

Silvia Laubenbacher: “Still convinced that many chemotherapy treatments can be avoided”

In Silvia Laubenbacher’s right breast, a malignant, lobular cancer was found at that time with mammography and ultrasound, which was already very advanced. The twelve centimeter long tumor was malignant and had to be removed immediately because it had already attacked the surrounding tissue. During the surgery, her breasts were removed and an implant placed. After that, she endured nine weeks of radiation. She strictly refused chemotherapy: “The doctors really scared me that this was a huge mistake, because my primary tumor was already very large. But I’m still convinced that a lot of chemotherapy can be avoided.”