Silvia Pinal cancels play due to health problems: this is what happened to her | Famous

Silvia Pinal canceled in Mexico his participation in the play ‘Little Hood, what’s up with your grandmother!’ for a health problem which he presented just minutes before going on stage on the night of this Wednesday, May 11.

The show, the first after last weekend’s premiere, was for special guests and the press.

This is the state of health Silvia Pinal

The 90-year-old actress was in the theater when she was forced not to go out on the stage, according to Mexican press reports.

Ivan Cochegrus, producer of the work, clarified at the end of the show that ‘La Diva del Cine de Oro Mexicano’ had ” a urinary tract infection and that his pressure went up to 180 (when normal is 120)”.

“First we thought of trying to stabilize with medicine and his family doctor moved immediately and was part of the emotion,” he shared in statements published by the newspaper Reforma.

The producer related Pinal’s painting to the “concern” that she has “due to negative comments that have come out in various media.”

Some commentators on shows in Mexico, artists and fans of the actress on social networks have questioned Silvia Pinal starring in a play at her age and health condition.

The play premiered last weekend and according to a review published by TVNotas magazine, Silvia Pinal he was seen “lethargic and absent” and sometimes the cast had to help her with her lines.

This is how the absence of Silvia Pinal in the work was announced

According to information from Reforma, at 9:05 p.m. local time, the actor Carlos Ignacio went out before the special guests and the press to announce that the first actress would not be there due to health problems.

“Thank you for your presence. Thank you for waiting. Unfortunately we have a problem in the back. Mrs. Silvia Pinal cannot appear today because because of all the emotion that he has a pressure drop has come and the doctor advises him not to show up. The function will be given by the partner Norma Lazareno, “explained the actor.

According to the Mexican newspaper, Pinal left the theater “in a good mood, although tired”. She was “escorted in a van” but she did not comment. She didn’t walk the red carpet either.

Some of the celebrities who came to see her were Eric del Castillo, Laura Zapata, Gaby Goldsmith, Marcos Valdés, Latin Lover, ‘Cositas’ and Mike Biaggio, among others.

According to Reforma, the actress’s state of health was reported “stable and it was announced that he would return to work this Sunday” 15 th of May.

In the production, she comes out on stage in a kind of wheelchair adapted as a large armchair that is moved by part of the cast of actors and dancers.

According to her son Luis Enrique Guzmán, the actress agreed to act in the play on medical recommendation to deal with the depression she suffers from.

“Not working, not being active, obviously he started to get depressed“, said the also son of Enrique Guzmán in statements for ‘Venga la alegría’ this Wednesday, May 11.

“With everything and physical therapy, with everything and coexistence therapies and everything we were trying to do as a family (the doctor) told us that she needed an incentive,” he clarified.