Silvia Pinal could be in her last days of life, they say

Recently, it has been revealed that the famous Mexican actress Silvia Pinal could be in her last days of life, because according to what they say, her health is most delicate at the moment.

It should be noted that Silvia Pinal’s family has denied that she is in poor health, however, everything indicates that she is ill and in very bad health. Healthsince at the end of 2022, Gustavo Adolfo Infante assured that Silvia Pinal was sick with Covid-19 and that is why she had spent Christmas alone.

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Faced with this news, your family denied that the Mexican movie diva was suffering from this virus for the second time and mentioned that she had the flu.

On the other hand, it is noted that the 91-year-old actress has not given more details about her condition and has not made public appearances, which is why strong rumors have been encouraged.

It is worth mentioning that Alejandra Guzman has said that Silvia Pinal is stable and that she only suffered influenzaso he was in bed and under medical care.

For her part, Efigenia Ramos, Silvia Pinal’s personal assistant, also denied that the actress had fallen ill with Covid-19, since she mentioned that Silvia Pinal was very delicate with her lungs, so the cold weather affected her and therefore that was taken care of.


What happens is that with the changes in weather it is very sheltered so that it will not cause more problems.

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