Silvia Pinal, mother of Alejandra Guzmán, withdrawn from a play; what happened

A well-known video on social networks shows the moment in which Silvia Pinal, mother of Mexican singer Alejandra Guzmán, is withdrawal from a theater where a staging of the play ‘Little Red Riding Hood, what’s up with your grandmother’ was scheduled.

This immediately aroused the concern of his followers, who for a long time criticized his participation in the staging.

The events occurred on the night of this Wednesday, May 11, when Pinal did not go on stage, but had to be evacuated in an emergency, visibly affected, due to a health problem that afflicted her. This Thursday her daughter Sylvia Pasquel gave details of what happened to her mother and assured that she is already better.

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“Between her belly and the pressure [estuvo el problema]Well, they had to stabilize her and that is why it was decided that she would not do the show, “he told TV Azteca.

“My mom got sick to her stomach and due to the same dehydration she had a stomach illness. Some say that she lowered her blood pressure, others say that she raised it. The fact is that she had a problem with pressure, I was not there, I cannot confirm, and she was controlled, “she added.

In social networks there was no lack of controversy, since the participation of the 91-year-old actress in this work had not been applauded by fans, Well, she looked tired and they couldn’t explain how at 91 years old her family allowed her to work on that show.

However, her daughter Sylvia showed her annoyance at the situation and asked for respect for her mother.

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“I’m already fed up […] They never speak well of my family, nothing suits them. Nobody’s here, right? Nobody comes to see my mom, who talks to her on the phone? Who comes to see her? Who asks her out? None of those who are speaking ill of her and of the decision for my mother to do the play, “said the also actress through tears to the Mexican channel.

Here, one of the videos broadcast on social networks: