Silvia Pinal reappears in her play sitting on a wheelchair, stooped and disoriented at 91 years old and they describe that decision as humiliating | People | Entertainment

Silvia Pinal was one of the most beloved Mexican divas on Latin American television. And returning to the scene at 91 years old, she represented an appearance that many described as humiliating at an age in which she looked fragile and disoriented in her play called “Little Red Riding Hood, what’s up with your grandmother!”

The media of the Aztec nation have witnessed the advanced deterioration of the actress’s health, typical of her age and the complications presented by her hypertension and the most recent, the contagion by Covid-19 in December 2021.

With more than 50 years of artistic career, the participation of the matriarch of the Pinal clan was an excess that many condemned, being considered an icon of Mexican cinema and television.

This was the controversial reappearance of Silvia Pinal in her play

The children’s play “Caperucita ¡Qué wave con tu abuelita!” was premiered on May 8 and turned out to be quite a surprise for the Mexican public when they saw the first actress on stage again.

From the theater that bears his name, and on the portal where tickets can be purchased, you can read the great promotion announcing his presence. “Silvia Pinal returns to the theater playing a modern, tender and glamorous granny with a great cast and more than 10 dancers on stage.”

And indeed, Alejandra Guzmán’s mother is seen in the hour and a half play three times. She initially makes her entrance sitting on her, because she no longer has mobility in her legs, wearing a silver dress.

In a video that went viral on Twitter, you can see the remembered superstar who triumphed in the 50s and 60s, being part of history, and appearing sitting hunched over on a white sofa, which was adapted to a stage with wheels as the way to move it without problems, El Universal published.

A body of dancers were in charge of moving her around the stage and then interacting with Little Hood and her mother, roles that are in charge of the actresses Rebeca Algarín and Mary Paz Banquells, respectively.

In one of the scenes, Pinal performs several songs that were previously recorded, so he only plays back. At his age, it was difficult for him to pronounce his lines from the script, which was evident when what he said on stage was not understood.

This performance was condemned by many, from the Instagram account of the magazine TV Notas, a medium that reviewed this commented reappearance of the actress. And not only was her participation commented on, but the play was considered a low-quality production, including its scenery.

“What a pity that no matter the level or social class, we do not have respect, nor do we take care of the dignity for our older adults and they become children and defenseless.”

  • “Poor lady, she should be resting.”
  • “I can’t believe it! put her in such an uncomfortable potion… even if she wanted to go to work in the theater, she would not leave her out of respect.”
  • “Poor dear! What need to do that? Where is the dignity and respect for the lady?
  • “What a shame to see the diva in those conditions.”

And although the public received her with a standing ovation, for most of the followers it turned out to be humiliating and disrespectful to her career, exposing her in such a vulnerable condition in which she can no longer demonstrate the talent that gave her fame. .

Guarantee her “rest” was the unanimous comment on Twitter and another that was also repeated was the criticism of the family for exposing her to an unnecessary action that in no way raises the name she forged for decades. (AND)

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