Silvia Pinal returned to acting to combat depression, says her son

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO.- After the various criticisms generated by the return of Silvia Pinal to acting at 91 years old, it was known that said activity would be to combat depression.

This was revealed by his son Luis Enrique Guzmanwho reacted annoyed to the accusations of the TV Notes magazine against him, as it was said that he would have made his mother accept the role because he would receive more than a million for that contract.

The play Little Red Riding Hood, what’s up with your granny! It premiered last Sunday, May 8, and social networks exploded when Pinal was seen in a kind of wheelchair adapted to an armchair on stage.

Users emphasized that the actress looked tired in the play, that she could be forced to work, that the scenery lacks quality and even memes arose about it.

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In his defense, Luis Enrique Guzman He said on the program ‘Hoy Día’ that his mother agreed to return to acting because it benefits his health. “Not working, not being active, obviously she started to get depressed,” she explained.

Regarding the publication of the magazine that accused him of forcing Silvia Pinal to work, he said that he will proceed legally. “We will see how we can proceed. They start publishing sources that they don’t even know, that they can even be criminals and staining me personally, staining the family, my mother’s name, which is unstainable, ”she said for ‘Venga la alegría’.

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