Silvia Pinal returns to the theater pushed in a wheelchair; networks explode

Without getting up, in a wheelchair in which she was pushed to the stage by the ferocious wolf, this was the return of Silvia Pinal, the legendary diva of Mexican gold cinema and pioneer of musicals in our country.

The play ‘Little Red Riding Hood, what’s up with your grandmother?’ has La Pinal as part of her cast with the character of a rebellious granny and a little crazy.

Since it was announced, the work caused controversy due to the state of health of Silvia Pinal, who suffered from Covid and that the family has accepted that sometimes she has moments when she looks disoriented.

Pinal’s performance on the play’s opening Sunday was a success. In videos that circulate on social networks, it is seen that at the end of the show, the public stands up to applaud her while she appears on a huge white chair that has wheels fitted so that it can be pushed around the stage.

However, in social networks the comments were more critical. In some cases, users think that it is unworthy for a career like Silvia Pinal’s to expose her in a performance in which she cannot get up.

“A few years ago it was already his retirement, now he is exposed to criticism. It is better to remember how it was in its best times and not how it is and how it looks now,” was one of the comments.

“It’s a mockery,” says another user.

Before the criticism, Carlos Ignacio, one of the protagonists of the work, has defended Pinal’s participation. “This whole project has revived Silvia.”

“I had already had the pleasure of working with her in ‘Adorable Enemies’, we have known her for fifty-odd years. I would be incapable of her becoming a bad role.”

In the comments on this return of Silvia Pinal there are others who defend her decision considering that they effectively allow her to be active at 91 years old.