Silvia Wollny shares a common picture with Estefania

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Silvia Wollny shares a common picture with Estefania
Silvia Wollny inspires the net alongside her daughter Estefania © Screenshot/Instagram/wollnysilvia

Silvia Wollny is currently enthusiastic about the network: at the side of daughter Estefania, she shines in competition. A photo that amazes fans extremely.

Ratheim – The Wollnys (all information about the extended family) can not only be seen weekly in their soap “Die Wollnys – Eine terribly large family”, but also inspire their fans on Instagram. Because the offspring of the head of the family, Silvia Wollny, have changed quite a bit over the years. This is exactly what the 57-year-old now proved in a joint posting with daughter Estefania.

Wollny daughters inspire the net

While her daughters regularly document her life on Instagram, Silvia Wollny is not quite as active on the social media platform. Nevertheless, she also posts new posts from time to time – her latest photo literally shot through the roof.

At the side of daughter Estefania Wollny, the TV star grins at the camera. The joint picture already has over 22,000 likes. You can also see the enthusiasm of the fans in the comment column. Because her daughter’s new look is extremely well received by Silvia’s community.

“How blatantly your girls have developed”: Silvia Wollny shares a common picture with Estefania

Estefania recently surprised her fans with a new look – the pretty Wollny daughter had a new haircut. Fans of the blonde were then extremely enthusiastic on Instagram. The 20-year-old is now showered with compliments on Silvia’s profile.

“Estefania is so pretty,” comments a follower on the shared picture. “How crass all the girls have developed! Didn’t recognize her at first,” adds another, while a third says, “Estefania you look great, nice photo of you and your mom.” Comments that should please mother and daughter.

On her last visit to the supermarket, however, Silvia lost all her joy, because the current prices drove Silvia Wollny up the wall. Sources used: