Silvio Berlusconi (85) “marries” 32-year-old Marta Fascina

Silvio Berlusconi and Marta Fascina have said yes – at least they have celebrated their love. The two have not officially married.

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Italy’s former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and his 53-year-old partner Marta Fascina celebrated a “symbolic wedding” on Saturday. Italian media also speak of an “almost or near marriage”. A spokesman for Berlusconi’s Forza Italia party confirmed this.

For the celebration in Villa Gernetto near the northern Italian city of Monza, the 85-year-old northern Italian and his 32-year-old partner invited around 60 guests, as reported by several media. Among those invited were Berlusconi’s brother, four of his five children and party friends of his co-governing Forza Italia.

Fascina wore a wedding dress from Antonio Riva, which boasted lace, lots of embroidery, long sleeves and a voluminous tulle skirt, as shown by pictures on the Instagram profile of the Italian newspaper “Corriere Moda”. A train of four meters completed the dress.

Neither civil nor church wedding

The twice-divorced Berlusconi and the Forza Italia MPs are said to be been a couple for more than two years. They wanted to celebrate their relationship with the party, but it was not a civil or church wedding, the reports said.

Berlusconi is still known to many for his “bunga bunga parties”. The politician and entrepreneur, who has been convicted several times, repeatedly makes headlines, most recently at the beginning of this year with his candidacy for the office of Italian President. Before the election, however, he withdrew from the race. In the end, Sergio Mattarella was elected for a second term.