Simone Thomalla: Your Nicolino makes you laugh

Simone Thomalla (57) starts the new year with a strong message in the big BUNTE interview: “I want to encourage people with this interview,” says the popular actress. “I want to say to all the women who think after a breakup: ‘I can’t go any further, nothing worse can happen to me than that’: Yes, it’s hard, but it’s going on and uphill again at some point!”

Simone Thomalla on her new relationship: “It’s like a warm blanket”

A year ago, Thomalla (from January 8th in “Frühling” on ZDF) and her longtime partner Silvio Heinevetter separated. “Suddenly you face life alone, that’s scary at first,” says Simone Thomalla BUNTE. For six months she has been happy again in a relationship with DJ Nicolino Hermano. She tells BUNTE: “It’s like a warm blanket. We talk for hours. I’ve never laughed as much as in the last six months.”

You can read the whole story in BUNTE 01/2023, available here or at the kiosk from Thursday (January 5)..

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