“Since they divorced”: the daughter of Sophie Davant and Pierre Sled reveals their ritual kept despite the break

If Sophie Davant and Pierre Sled have been divorced for ten years, they continue to share privileged moments with their children. In the columns of Gala, Friday July 8, 2022, their daughter, Valentine, has also confided that they had kept a ritual.

This is called a successful divorce. In 2012, after 21 years of relationship, Sophie Davant and Pierre Sled decided to divorce. Only, unlike some couples, they wanted to put an end to their love affair while protecting their two children, Nicolas, born in 1993 and Valentine, born in 1995. Today, the journalist and the host even kept some links. This is what we learn in the columns of GalaFriday, July 8, 2022. The daughter of the presenter ofDeal done explained that her parents have had a ritual in place since they divorced.

My father lives in Rome but he often comes back to Paris. As soon as he comes, the tradition is that the four of us have dinner, with him, my mother, my brother and me.“, confided the sister of Nicolas, very happy to see that his parents still get along very well, despite their divorce. “Since they divorced, it’s something we’ve never lost. We’ve always done that and it’s very nice to have been able to keep this framework“, rejoices Valentine Sled, happy with this precious relationship between her parents.

Sophie Davant had fallen in love with another man

In 2015, in his book It’s time to choose life, Sophie Davant had explained why her love affair with her husband had ended. “It was because I had fallen in love with another man that I realized that my relationship with Pierre was at the end of its tether. I was ‘sentimentally’ available“, she had assured. Today, Pierre Sled has found love in the arms of Barbara Ricevuto.