“Sing my song” – Round three: Deep, deeper, sing with Elif

“Sing my song” – round three
Deep, deeper, sing with Elif

By Kai Butterweck

Elif reveals herself to be a double life expert, Clueso and Kelvin Jones are sobbing in competition, and at the end of a minor bash, the bunch of hugs in the group doesn’t even want to come loose: the third “barter concert” evening leaves representatives of the handkerchief industry enthusiastically in the hands clap.

“I hope the songs don’t have anything to do with the original versions anymore,” Elif grins into the camera. The Turkish-born singer, who has matured in recent years from a singer-songwriter chick with depth to a black German pop rap queen with attitude, rubs her hands in anticipation.

For the eagerly awaited “Elif evening”, however, other residents of the house first have to “get going”. So Langschäfer Clueso needs a strong espresso early in the morning. Hot pick-me-up coffee is also available for metal queen Floor Jansen. While Clueso enjoys the here and now with a slightly sensational look (“Brad Pitt even sat on the toilet here”), Elif earns good to very good posture grades before washing up for breakfast: “I’m not afraid of the truth,” she admits singer on record. “The music saved me,” shoots Elif afterwards. And: “Life must be intense!”

Vocal acrobatics from other dimensions

Elif and Clueso sob in competition - source RTL Markus Hertrich.jpg

Elif and Clueso are sobbing in competition.

(Photo: RTL / Markus Hertrich)

The evening that follows is also intense, bringing some of those present to their emotional limits even before the second beer. Floor Jansen opens the show with a song about “spurned love and misguided feelings” (“Freunde”). After the musical still life in honor of the two SDP jokers, this time the Dutchwoman returns to familiar territory. With rich guitars and vocal acrobatics from other dimensions, the Nightwish front woman sets the first big exclamation mark of the evening.

Lotte also likes it rocking and loud today. Snotty, the young singer sings a serenade for freedom-loving relationship victims (“Nur mir”). Elif is already over the moon: “I kiss your heart for it!” Elif grins, while Lotte, who is still slightly out of breath, staggers towards the table, buries herself in her arms.

Elif’s struggle for life touches and shakes

For Elif, life has always been a race of views and cultures. On the one hand there were the conservative expectations of the extended family. On the other hand, freedom, music and burgeoning defiance lured. Elif lived a double life for a long time. Only the music made a halfway functioning big whole out of two halves.

Kelvin Jones also has a family story that touches and stirs. Inspired by Elif’s path, the singer from Zimbabwe also wants to open his heart to all sides. For the first time in his life, Kelvin Jones sings “Shona” (“Everything helal”) in his native language. After a roller coaster ride of sound feelings driven by grooving rhythms, Elif is exhausted. group hug. The glasses go up. Even the experienced Clueso loses his composure for a moment: “My nerves can’t take it,” the bard from Erfurt sobbed.

Where are the handkerchiefs?

But it gets even worse. After a gentle campfire wave from Oerding (“Unter meine Haut”), the “star of the evening” howls snot and water. A pinch of black humour, fun pop by Alexis Kopplin and Vincent Stein, lifts the mood to another level only for a short time (“Mein Babe”). Clueso was the last to pick up the guitar and dedicate a three-minute sobbing epic with a short rap interlude and a brilliant Coldplay ending (“Anlauf”) to his deceased grandfather. By now everyone has a handkerchief in their hands.

Elif is dissolved, agitated and overwhelmed. The “song of the evening” protea is not handed over, but broken through and thrown away in a high arc: “You’re all so horny, you’re so blatant and sweet like Baglava!” Elif cheers. All eyes are still wet. A last group hug, then the Elif evening is over. In tears, the leading actress specifies the further format direction: “Remember, that was just the boring intro!” Kelvin Jones makes the biggest eyes. No wonder, at the next meeting he is the “star of the evening”.