Singer Beatrice Egli reveals risky love

Beatrice Egli recording the TV show Das Große Schlagerjubil

Beatrice Egli took stock of the year 2022 on Instagram.Image: IMAGO/Future Image


Jennifer Ullrich

2022 was a very successful year for Beatrice Egli – she was a guest on various TV shows and launched a new single with “Volles risk”. In autumn 2023 she will be on tour again, which will take her to eight German cities.

In her Instagram story, the singer was very private and talked about personal risk moments. The theme of love also played a role here…

Beatrice Egli shares private insights

The singer has often taken “full risks” in her life, of which she gives three examples in the clip. First place is the moment when she climbed the Matterhorn – “it stays forever”. After all, it is one of the most dangerous mountains in the world.

Beatrice Egli talks about her personal risk moments.

Beatrice Egli talks about her personal risk moments.picture: beatrice_egli_official/instagram

The second place on Beatrice Egli’s list goes in a completely different direction: “Let go of the familiar, change my entire team and start again”. This only happened last year. As the singer emphasizes in this context, risking something always means losing something. She felt this herself.

Love is also a tricky subject for the singer. “To love is also to risk”, she clarifies without going into more detail. This statement is still exciting for , fans, after all, there is always speculation about the relationship status of the 34-year-old. The singer has already been romantically associated with Florian Silbereisen and Andreas Gabalier, among others, but there was no confirmation.

Beatrice Egli is “happy and grateful”

In a separate post, Beatrice Egli addresses her crew again, for which she only finds words of praise. The singer writes: “In my case, full risk also means absolute teamwork. I am so happy and thankful for the people in my life who are courageous in looking to the future with mewho inspire me, support me, challenge me, trust me, have my back and are there to help and advise.”

The artist has reason to be optimistic about the future, not only because of her upcoming tour – a new album shouldn’t be too far away either. Her last long player is entitled “Everything you need” and was released in 2021.

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