Singer celebrates love comeback: Pietro Lombardi is in good hands again

Singer celebrates love comeback
Pietro Lombardi is back in good hands

No more secrets about a woman at Pietro Lombardi’s side. The singer is taken again, as he proudly announces on Instagram. His new flame is also an old acquaintance.

Recently there has been speculation that Pietro Lombardi may be back with his ex-girlfriend Laura Maria. Now the singer confirms in an Instagram story that the two are trying again. “There was a lot of speculation and Laura Maria and I made no secret of the fact that we spend time and appreciate each other,” explains the singer about a photo in which she hugs him tightly. “As of today, we will no longer make a secret of the fact that we are a couple,” he writes about his heart emoji.


The two would therefore like to make “no event” out of ending the previous speculation. Lombardi and his girlfriend decided that “the right time” had come to share the sweet message with the fans. The two “just enjoy the time,” says the 30-year-old. The influencer also published Lombardi’s contribution in a story, thereby confirming the love comeback.

Lombardi and his new girlfriend had already found each other in 2020. In September he declared that he was newly in love. But after a few weeks of public relations, the end came in October. In an Instagram story he explained at the time: “Laura and I are no longer a couple, we decided together to end it because it just wasn’t the way it was supposed to be.”

Laura Maria had also confirmed the separation on the platform. “It wasn’t an easy decision. […] But we just realized that we’re both too different,” she said in a story at the time. Lombardi was married to the singer Sarah Engels from 2013 to 2019 and has his son Alessio with her, who was born in 2015.